The 5 Most Beautiful Tea Shops Around the World


There’s something quite special about going to a tea shop. Each tea shop has its own special feeling and uniqueness. So, here are 5 very special, extremely beautiful tea shops for you to explore.


  • The Russian Tea Room, NY.
    Once you enter the Russian Tea Room, you can’t help but feel like you went back in time to NY’s golden years – the 1920’s. The entire place is designed with prestige and luxury that made these tea shops famous worldwide.
  • Peninsula’s Lobby, Hong Kong.
  • One of Hong Kong’s oldest and most luxurious hotels offers visitors to enjoy traditional English tea in its beautifully decorated lobby. But this place is probably most famous for its historical columns, which remained untouched since the hotel first opened its doors back in 1928.
  • The Opera Court, Berlin.
    As part of hotel De Rome, the opera court in Berlin offers its guests a wide selection of tea to choose from, while they enjoy an afternoon snack, but only between October and March.
  • Betty’s, Harrogate (England).
    This list won’t be complete without talking about English tea shops and in particularly – Betty’s tea shop. This place is over 100 years old and is decorated in a traditional English way, while serving the famous English tea – scones included!
  • Bellocq Tea Atelier, NY.
    Probably the most modern tea shop in our list. This special place was founded by the queen of lifestyle herself – Martha Stewart (with other partners). This place offers some unique handmade tea blends that are made solely out of tea leaves.


Designing a Special Tea Shop


In the end, there are many ways to create a beautiful tea shop and not every tea shop needs to have a historical design, like most of the places we’ve mentioned in our list, in order to be special. In fact, customers nowadays would probably prefer a more modern design that includes some urban features in it, such as a couple of nice and comfy couches, tea dispensers, and even a Wi-Fi connection in order to get some work done while drinking delicious tea straight from the dispensers.