Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, professional milestone, a holiday or just want to gather some friends, a candy bar station and a trail mix buffet are a sure crowd-pleaser. Get ready to have some fun creating do it yourself party snacks with Rosseto’s simple and efficient food storage and dispensing solutions.
Here are five ways to get started.

  1. Use Candy Dispensers
    Want candy store-quality for your party? Rosseto makes it easy with its line of candy dispensers.
    Enchant guests and cater to each person’s sweet tooth as each dispenser includes a translucent plastic container that shows off the colorful and delectable candy inside. For those who truly love candy, there’s the EZ-SERV six-container tabletop carousel, which holds a whopping amount of sugary goodness.
    The catch trays can be removed as needed so this carousel takes up less space. Wheels within the dispenser allow for easier portion control so no one overdoes it on the sweet stuff.Add a dose of whimsy to your food table with the EZ-PRO four-container carousel tabletop dispenser, which includes two candy dispensers attached to one curvy metal base. Let guests spin through their favorite candy ‘til their hearts’ content. This dispenser can also be used as part of a toppings bar because it dispenses manageable 1-ounce portions. The EZ-PRO boasts a stainless steel frame, catch tray and lids.
  2. Label the Candy
    If serving treats with the EZ-SERV or EZ-PRO carousel tabletop dispensers from Rosseto, make sure to label the contents. This helps partygoers who want to make a beeline for M&Ms, Skittles, mini chocolate bars, Reese’s Pieces or their other favorite candy. If certain guests have a nut allergy or any other food allergy, they’ll also know which candies to avoid.When filling these dispensers with candy, really play up the fun factor. Try to choose the most colorful candy possible, making a rainbow of sweets in each plastic container. Choose bold, vibrant cardstock for the labels and write the names of each candy legibly. Guests won’t be able to resist.
  3. Use Topping Dispensers
    Candy may be dandy, but what makes it even better? Combining it with trail mix, of course. Rosseto topping dispensers are the perfect serving vessels for all trail mix ingredients like nuts, pretzels, granola, dried fruit, puffed rice and more.
    Prevent spillage with the EZ-PRO three container tabletop dispenser. The Stainless Steel stand is designed to catch snack runoff and each dispenser comes with 3 different portion control wheels! This allows you to choose which portion size you would like to serve for each topping. The same patented design that dispenses each portion perfectly also keeps your candy and snacks super fresh throughout your entire event!The EZ-SERV two-container tabletop dispenser with acrylic catch tray also prevents treats from falling to the floor. It’s made to be lightweight and easily portable so party setup is a breeze. Both EZ-SERV tabletop dispensers can hold up to 1.3 gallons of trail mix ingredients. If you’re having a lot of guests over, you’ll need plenty of food. Make sure to have a refill stand handy for your dispenser so you don’t waste too much time loading back up on treats.
  4. Mix Salty and Sweet Trail Mix Together
    When serving trail mix, capitalize on the sweet and salty food trend by including chocolate candies and pretzels in your dispensers. Encourage guests to mix the two snacks together. Dried fruit also goes well with nuts.Just as with the candy, make sure to clearly identify each snack with labels and invite guests to come up with the most unique trail mix combination. You can even make it into a contest where the winner gets a gift card or other small prize.
  5. Presentation Counts
    Make your toppings buffet the star of any gathering. While the candy and other sweets will certainly speak for themselves, the right presentation will make your Rosseto EZ-SERV and EZ-PRO food dispensers look even better.
    Brittany at The Domestic Geek Blog notes that weather is a very important factor when it comes to presentation. If you’re having a summer get-together, make sure to keep your candy and sweets out of direct sunlight. Granola and other sugary treats can turn into sticky clumps, and chocolate will be soft and unappealing.
    Keep all table décor simple so the candy and snacks make the impact. An unadorned but appealing tablecloth is the perfect backdrop for a rainbow-bright display of candy.Also, consider whether this is a themed party. For a baby shower, you can have a lot of fun with all blue or all pink treats. If you’re hosting a graduation party, matching candy to the school’s colors is a thoughtful idea.
    Lastly, if you have the time, consider offering goodie bags for guests who can’t stay long but still want to sample from the candy and toppings bar. You’ll need a plastic scoop, small bags, and a twist tie or ribbon.
    Parties are supposed to be fun above all else, but planning one can be a lot of work. Take the stress out of your next gathering with these food storage products and dispensers from Rosseto.