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Rosseto’s retail

Rosseto’s retail and Bulkshop products have been helping industry leaders both large and small find the most innovative merchandising solutions for their businesses. It has always been our goal to provide products that are easy to assemble, easy to maintain and provide modern design elements that will complement any store theme.

Like all Rosseto products, our dry food dispensers and fixtures are made using the highest standards in materials and manufacturing. All dispensers and fixtures are Food Grade Quality. Handles are made from solid die casting, which guarantees they will never break and keep turning EZ SERV after EZ SERV. Shelving is composed of 3mm of the most durable materials available. All metal is made in the US and is customized in our own factory. This ensures every product passes through our strict quality controls and that customers receive our best products.

Our retail and Bulkshop solutions have been used in cafeterias serving over 30,000 guests daily and are capable of maintaining structural integrity under the most rigorous use.
Patented, portion-control dispensers help control food costs and eliminate product waste. We are proud to say that our dispensers have set the standard in the industry for both quality and design.

What our Customers Say

“Several properties had used Rosseto’s EZ-SERV snack dispensers and the quality and appearance were so good, we decided to roll them out to all our properties”.

John Q. Hammons Hotels

“Great customer service every step of the way, in our design, in our setup and in our build up. Ultimately, Rosseto has been our partner.”

Suzy’s Swirl Frozen Yogurt

“At GrandyOats we have been providing Rosseto dispensers to many of our foodservice customers, mainly colleges and universities that use large amounts of our organic granola in their dining halls and cafes. We have compared to other dispensers and Rosseto’s are easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean. Additionally, the structure of the dispensers allows for space to add our own branding with both labels and signage fixtures.”

Grandy Oats

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