If you’ve walked into any big grocery store lately, you’ve probably noticed that something has changed. We’re talking of course, about one of the most popular trends in the world of grocery shopping: bulk display and bulk dispensers. Here are a few reasons why this particular trend is more popular than ever.


Bulk Dispensers – Customers Love Mixing Things Together!


One of the greatest benefits of having bulk dispensers in your store, is the fact that they allow your customers to mix together the different kinds of dry foods you offer for sale. It adds a little bit of fun to grocery shopping, and they can create their very own personalized and unique pack of dry food by using the selection of dispensers to self-serve the exact portion they want from each type of food. Using the dispensers is also a method that helps increase sales – the more dry food options you offer your customers to mix from, the more time they’ll spend choosing the right options for them, and the more time they spend – the more they will buy.


Fresher Food that Will Make Customers Come Back


Most of us remember that one restaurant that served us fresh and delicious courses, where we love to go over and over again. The same goes for stores and supermarkets – when it’s time to go for grocery shopping again, your customers will remember your particular store, if the products and the food you offer are fresh and of high quality. When it comes to bulk food, there’s no better way to keep it fresh, rather than using bulk dispensers. So that’s another reason why those dispensers are getting so much love – from both business owners and customers.


Bulk Dispensers Create a Beautiful Presentation


Having a set of beautifully designed bulk dispensers makes an impact on your customers that they simply can’t ignore, even if they didn’t come to your store for the dry food selection. There is something about bulk dispensers that makes a clean, elegant and more accessible presentation that your customers simply won’t be able to resist.