planning a candy bar station

If you find yourself carving for a new and exciting catering option that will upgrade any event, then we have an idea that could be the answer you’ve been looking for – a candy bar station. Here are a few tips on how to create an attractive candy bar station.


Pick the Right Candies for Your Event


Whether you’re planning a wedding, a birthday or even a bachelorette party – every event has a general theme that goes along with it. That is why, while creating the perfect candy bar station, you should try and pick candies that fit your theme accordingly. For example, while pink and heart shaped candies might just be the perfect choice for a bachelorette party, colorful lollypops can be the preferred option for a 5-year-old birthday party. Picking the right type of candy can help you upgrade not only your candy bar station, but your entire event as well.


Use Candy Dispensers


It almost feels like candy dispensers were made especially in order to help you create the perfect candy bar station. Thanks to the portion control feature that is installed in the candy dispensers, it is now easier than ever to maintain your candy bar station clean and tidy, without having to worry about spills covering your station during the event, and while allowing you to create a beautiful and attractive candy display that your guests won’t be able to resist, and let alone forget. Candy dispensers are also very easy to use, which means your guests can enjoy a nice sense of “flow” at the station, while they help themselves with their favorite candies.


Design Your Very Own Candy Bar Station


Last, but not least, is your candy bar station’s design. Just like the candies you choose for your event – your candy bar station’s design also needs to be planned according to your event’s theme. It can be a white and elegant design, made especially for a wedding or a favorite football team design for your best friend’s birthday party – either way, you need to make sure your candy bar station’s design completes the entire event and improves it.