Candy stores have a timeless, charming appeal. Some are designed with a vintage aesthetic while others are sleek and modern. Kids are instantly attracted to the bright displays, selection of sweets and whimsical décor. Adults can’t help but indulge both their sweet tooth and their sense of childhood nostalgia. No wonder there are so many popular candy stores across the country.

Are you thinking of opening your own confections store? Are you stumped on how you want to design it? There are nearly endless ways you can draw in customers through décor and candy display choices. We have five great ideas for those just getting into the candy store world who want to keep customers coming back for more.

  1. Keep the Walls and Floors Simple
    What is the biggest standout in your sweet store? The candy, of course! While it may be tempting to paint the walls of the shop with all the colors of the rainbow, it may be wise to reconsider. Too many colors at once can be sensory overload. Also, it may be harder for customers to find the candy of their choice, which can blend into the background among that many colors.
    Mindful Design Consulting, a design firm, wrote about an Australian candy store that first-time shop owners may want to emulate. The walls, ceilings and floors are all plain white to let the candy stand out. Shelves and candy dispensers throughout a store can add pretty pops of color. While ultimately the décor choice is your own, many beloved candy stores have borrowed this less-is-more design.
  2. Change with the Seasons
    Each year, millions of Americans flock to candy stores for specific holidays to pick up treats, such as on Halloween, Christmas and Easter. These are always major candy-buying affairs. Chocolate store owners should make the most of these busy times and consider changing their stock with the season, updating their selections to reflect the upcoming holiday, suggests the Candy Concepts Inc. blog.

    There are plenty of ways to change up the store for a holiday. For example, during the Halloween season, put out chocolates with themed wrappers (like those of goblins, cats or ghosts), sell molded chocolate in the shape of pumpkins and witches, set up a display with Halloween-centric treats like candy corn and fill dispensers full of black and orange jelly beans.
    Of course, you will have to be on top of changing out the displays as soon as the holiday ends. You want to keep your selection as fresh as possible, after all. Customers will count on the store when the next holiday arrives.

  3. Brand Your Candy
    Do you make your own homemade sweets that you sell at your gourmet chocolate store? These are uniquely yours, so make sure customers know it. Design resource Hongkiat has a slew of ideas for labeling one’s own handmade sweets and promoting the company brand. You can design your own wrappers for chocolate bars or hard candy. These wrappers should have the store name on them and let customers know a bit about the candy they’re about to enjoy with a descriptive paragraph or two.
    For more ideas, try printing off labels and sticking them inside or on the fronts of jars of loose candy. Order branded plastic bags for customers shopping for candy in bulk. If you have a fun tagline or logo, make sure to include this on all wrappers, boxes, bags and more. All this ensures customers won’t forget the store.
  4. Sell Other Treats
    Candy is dandy, but offering other sugary treats will expand the store menu and appeal to even more customers. Bara Ou at portfolio resource Behance revealed what her dream candy store would look like. Hers includes an ice cream counter. You may also want to sell cupcakes or even frozen yogurt (just think of all the toppings possibilities with so much candy nearby!).

    Of course, when considering this idea, you will need the space for these yummy additions. If you’re thinking about selling ice cream and froyo, you’re going to need a sizeable freezer so these treats don’t melt. A glass display case or counter will be necessary too, as it will be if selling cupcakes. However, if you have the room, you can satisfy the collective sweet tooth of your customers in practically every conceivable way.

  5. Let Customers Make Their Own Candy
    Allow customers to get in the spirit of candy-making with their own customized chocolate bars and other confections. Whether customers can choose the flavors that go into a candy bar or design their own wrappers, they’ll feel a kinship to the store. They’ll also be more likely to tell their friends and family about their experience.
    When designing your store, make sure to include a station where customers can sit down and get involved in the candy-making process. Rosetto’s candy dispensers are an ideal way to get customers involved creating their own customized candy. They’ll love this one-of-a-kind edible souvenir.

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