One of the most important rooms for employees in the office, is the kitchen, which is also known as the employees’ break room. When you create a clean, organized and equipped break room for your employees, it makes them feel more appreciated and they work better, because you’re giving them more motivation to put the extra effort for you just as you did for them. So how can you create the perfect break room for your employees? Here are a few tips that you may find useful.

  • It’s Not Just Another Room – one of the most important things you need to make sure while planning the perfect employees’ break room, is that this room needs to have the basic things for your employees to be able to enjoy a nice lunch, such as: disposable cutlery, microwave, a small oven, salt, napkins, paper towels, hand soap, big nice table for everyone to sit at should they choose to, and so on. Those things are a small investment for you in comparison with the benefit of having thankful employees.


  • Break Room Snack Dispensers! That’s right, putting break room snack dispensers is a nice way to give your employees some healthy and tasty snacks for those hard, long-hours days, in which they’re starting to feel drained of energy. Break room snack dispensers are also very easy to maintain and don’t create the mess that usual snack boxes tend to create. Additionally, the dispensers don’t take too much space – so it will be easier to keep the break room clean and organized for your employees’ benefit.


  • Free Coffee to Keep on Going – whether it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, your employees love their coffee – just like any of us do. Providing your employees with free and high quality coffee, with different choices of milk and different choices of coffee extracts, can make all the difference between unhappy and very pleased employees. Sure, it’s not a must, but by doing so, you send a clear message to your employees – I do care about you!