Having a great coffee shop comes down to two important factors – serving great coffee and designing your coffee shop in a welcoming manner. Now, while we may not be able to help with the first factor, we can give you a few tips that will help you design the perfect coffee shop.


Use Coffee Dispensers to Put the Coffee in the Spotlight


Let’s start from the basics – presenting the coffee and making it the star of your entire “show” with a little help from no other than our coffee dispensers. Now, imagine having a long, beautifully designed, and elegant display of coffee dispensers, that will guarantee that anyone who walks into your coffee shop won’t say no to a fresh cup of Joe. Not to mention that with the help of the coffee dispensers, you’ll be able to keep your coffee fresher and tastier for a longer period of time, all while saving time, money, cleaning and refilling, because thanks to the dispensers’ portion control feature – your baristas can now dispense the exact amount of coffee they need, in order to make the tastiest coffee in town.


Create A Warm Environment


Winter. It’s freezing outside (not to mention that it’s also raining heavily) and walking down the street feels like an ongoing struggle against the cold wind. But that’s outside of your coffee shop. Because inside your coffee shop, it is all warm and cozy and new customers keep coming in to find some shelter from the storm. Sounds nice, right? Well it’s all about creating a warm atmosphere that spreads through the entire place.


How can you achieve that warm feeling? By heating the place just enough and not too much, using warm colors, placing some nice armchairs and sofas around the shop that once people sit in them – they just don’t want to get up and even by having a nice, warming fireplace that will light up the room. Oh, and don’t forget to have big windows so your customers can always be reminded how warm it is inside, while they enjoy their cup of coffee.


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