In a candy store or a store that also sells candies among other things, there has to be a wide selection. It is the first marketing tip for any candy seller, as the target audience will be easily dazed with all the options – casting them off guard with an exciting blend of color and possibilities.

And indeed, the most difficult task for any candy shopper is to choose the candy they want most, out of what seems like an endless selection of candies to choose from. This struggle is not something to overlook, and indeed, the solution for that didn’t come late – the pick & mix retail method.

What is Pick & Mix?

Pick & mix is a retail method, in which the customer can choose from a wide selection of candies while mixing several types, putting them in a single bag, and paying for them according to their weight without differentiating between types.
This way, every customer can choose several kinds of candy they like, and don’t have to choose a candy bag with only one type of candy in it, or to cumbersomely leave the store with six different bags.
The method was conceived in 1886 in the U.S.A. Since then, we’ve come a long way regarding retail candy display and now it is easier than ever to fill your store, or your office, with a colorful candy display.

The Colorful Candy Shop
It is always joyful to enter a colorful candy store that offers many types and kinds of sweets, like chocolates, gums, toffees, nougat, peppermints, and more. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult, visiting a candy store in which you can pick & mix out of the different selection of candies – is a thrill for everyone! But how can we present so many types of candies in one store and also keep them fresh and hygienic? It’s easy – with Rosseto’s candy dispensers.

Candy Dispensers

Candy dispensers are a great tool to organize, present, and store candies of different kinds. Each dispenser contains one kind of candy, as it beautifully displays it for the customer to see while keeping it fresh and enabling customers to easily treat themselves with the exact amount of candies they want.

There are dispensers specifically designated for hard candies, some that are designated for chocolate, some for gums or peppermints and so on, allowing you to present all types of candies in your store.
This great solution also fits offices that want to treat their employees and visitors to a different treat and offer hospitality of a different kind – hospitality candy!