A Fresh and Healthy User Experience of All Your Favorite Snacks


Dish Out Five of Your Favorites When Space is Limited

Product Description

Snacks and cereal stay fresher longer between services in the easy-to-clean and versatile EZ-SERV® X5 Dispenser that boasts five acrylic cylinders and solid structure with integrated tray to help contain spills. The distinctive freestanding base features a sleek, stainless steel design that creates impressive product visibility by adding a sturdy yet hygienic appearance of your vertical foods presentation. You and your guests will appreciate the advanced, patented portion-control wheel on each cylinder base, delivering undamaged, measured amounts of nuts, granola, trail mix, candy and cereal from each cylinder with a simple turn of the handle.



EZ558 – EZSERV® X5 Dispenser with Stainless Steel Tray

SKU: 814592015607-1-1-1

Dimensions: 32.6 × 10 × 26.3 in

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