One of the best eye-catching ideas trending in the wedding and events scene is having a candy buffet that offers a variety of delicious confectionery goodies. Here are some tips to help you create the best candy buffet for your wedding reception or event:

Select a theme and color
One of the first things you should do to prepare for your candy buffet is to choose a theme and color scheme. Create a list of what you’d like your setup to look like. You can choose whatever eye-popping color works best for the wedding. After you’ve chosen a particular color palette, determine what types of printables will go with that theme – you’ll want to feature a well-crafted menu that shows off your wedding theme. Pictures and text should match the style, color and theme of your candy buffet.

Use containers and space appropriately
The layout and design of the candy buffet is just as important as the candy itself. For bulk candy and small, neatly packaged sweets, a finely polished steel or acrylic dispenser from Rosseto Serving Solutions would work very well. Not only do the dispensers come with various-sized nozzles, they provide a look of sophistication and style.
Look at how much table space is available. This will help you decide on the amount of containers you can comfortably place in that area. Consider dividing the candy buffet in zones or categories.

Zone one: This zone is the front of the buffet table. Trays, platters or shallow containers that hold individually wrapped candies can be placed here. Rosseto’s display and riser systems are height-adjustable and made of high-quality, industry-ready materials which give your candy buffet a sophisticated look.
Zone two: The middle area of the table is considered Zone two. Consider placing medium-size jars of your candy here. You can also put pictures of the couple kissing, holding hands or eating candy in this region.

Zone three: Zone three refers to the back of the buffet table. Here, you’ll want to place tall candy dispensers and any other large items. If you have a multi-tiered wedding cake, it should go in the center of the table within zone three. Tall decor items, like branch floral arrangements, can also go here.

Choose your candy
After you’ve decided on colors and layout design, find the perfect type of candy to offer the people attending the wedding. A wide variety should be available. You can feature anything from bulk loose candy sold by the pound to individually wrapped candy and designer sweets. Research a variety of candy distributors to find products that match your theme.

You may have some guests with dietary restrictions. You can package some nut-free or gluten-free candies in color-appropriate boxes.