Presentation is everything. With the Rosseto topping dispenser it’s beautiful, it’s clean cut, it’s very clear as to what toppings you’re trying to get. It fits well.

Shianne UP Market Team Lead at Walgreens Flagship Store

We truly, honestly do love the design and layout. We used to use jars, but with this everything is displayed flat and clean.


Evan Sheets, Store Manager

“We wanted to go in a direction of a little bit cleaner displays; we went searching for a clean look and found Rosseto. I use a lot of their pieces with glass for the food. The food gets to jump out, and it looks really good.”

Patrick Dettwiller F&B Director

“The new Skycap system from Rosseto is a great addition to our buffets. The pieces allow for a varying number of setups and provide a unique look from one buffet to the next. The presentation allows for diversity by using the different heights and levels built into each piece.

We are very happy with the new style and look forward to coming up with new setups in the future!”

Cory Saffran Banquet Manager

“The great customer service every step of the way, in our design, in our setup, in our build up and ultimately Rosseto has been our partner.”

“Several properties had used Rosseto’s EZ-SERV snack dispensers and said the quality and appearance were good, so we decided to roll them out to all our properties,”

Senior Director of F&B Operations and Procurement
Vito Palmietto

We at Yo-Joe’s LOVE the look of the Rosseto Dispensers! It has taken us a bit of time to figure out what toppings work best in them but WOW….they are definitely the focal point of our store!I highly recommend them to EVERY Yogurt shop!

Laurie Levine Co-Founder

The Hexagon Risers provide a variety of heights to assist guests with seamless buffet access while still offering an attractive presentation.

We are going for a contemporary feel that is simple, yet elegant, directly in line with the look of our newly renovated meeting space.

Ellwyn Mathews Banquet Manager

We have three banks of 5 Rosseto dispensers in our frozen yogurt shop. They were easy to assemble and simple to operate. Kids loved to turn the handle and have them dispense toppings for the yogurt. The dispensers keep the toppings sanitary and do not take up floor space if your store is small. It is an attraction to have colorful toppings and makes a nice display.

Using different wheel sizes allows portion control based on the size of the produce being dispensed. We are very pleased with the dispensers. Thanks Rosseto.

Paul Bowen

I have been a fan of Rosseto and their innovative solutions for years. Your commitment to design, integration, quality and service is unmatched. Each new product introduction adds to the value of your investment but also continually helps evolve our buffets so it doesn’t become stale over time.

I want people to understand that no matter what products they buy from Rosseto it will never seem old as we can keep buying more modern pieces that you at Rosseto are constantly developing. It’s a game changer in the industry so I don’t have to keep buying other things to match it with.

Kyung Soo Carroll Executive Chef

Along with being functional, the Rosseto EZ-SERV cereal dispenser serves a different purpose: “It gives the buffet a different height.” The vertical height and clear containers of Rosseto EZ-SERV cereal dispensers make choosing what to eat easy. Rosseto EZ-SERV cereal dispensers also cut down on waste.

The appealing style, low product waste, and functionality make Rosseto EZ-SERV cereal dispensers a great choice for any buffet.

Reynolds Stewart Director of Food & Beverage
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

What can I say about Rosseto but “WOW”! The serving solutions that has been made available to us looks great, allows for customizing & really help me make a great experience for my café & catering customers.

We use the riser systems for our events and have seen a steady increase in sales & profits. Our operation will consider Rosseto first for any solution in our operations and we will recommend them to anyone who asks.

Charles Robles Food Service Director, Business Dining

“At GrandyOats we have been providing Rosseto dispensers to many of our foodservice customers, mainly colleges and universities that use large amounts of our organic granola in their dining halls and cafes.

We have compared to other dispensers and Rosseto’s are easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean. Additionally, the structure of the dispensers allows for space to add our own branding with both labels and signage fixtures.”

Tina Burford Inside Sales & Marketing

“We have added the Rosseto line of buffet equipment to many of our hotels in the past year, and we are very pleased with the results. The products are truly an extension of our F&B Strategy. The product is extremely well made, and we have had nothing but positive feedback from our hotels and our guests.”

Craig Nuel Senior Director, Catering & Conference Management

“Rosseto was able to step up and provide an inspiring, effective product for our project. It was a breeze for volunteers to assemble, which is so important when you build a home in just one-week and their team was a true pleasure throughout the process.

It is because of the generosity of companies like Rosseto that we are able to make the impossible possible week after week and we are truly grateful for their level of generosity and professionalism.”

Diane Korman Senior Producer